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Implementation of odor reduction measures in AB “Klaipėdos vanduo” dumpiai waste water treatment facility

Implementation of odor reduction measures in AB “Klaipėdos vanduo” Dumpiai Waste Water Treatment Facility, recently published in Vandentvarka (Official Lithuanian Water Regulations publication). This article was also published in a commercial website/newspaper “Verslo žinios” (“Business news”) on 05-04 2017 –

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Event news

Airplus1 attends IOA International Ozone Association – Pan American group annual trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada – August 28-31st. Airplus1 attended the 2016 US IOA Pan American Group conference and exhibit in Las Vegas in August, further extending the companies business, professional and scientific network across the US market. A workshop on Sunday 28th…

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Airplus1 joins EUOTA as a member

July 13th 2016 Airplus1 joins EUOTA as a member and signs agreement to be part of an international consortium of ozone manufacturers applying for EU Biocide certification approval. A new EU Biocide Directive to regulate the manufacturers and providers of ozone-related products and services within the EU has an imminent deadline of September 1 2016…

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benefits of ozone
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Natural benefits from applying ozone

Ozone (O3) is a gas made up from three oxygen atoms, one more than the two we normally breathe in. Ozone is applied worldwide as a solution in many different workplace and health related environments primarily for the incredible sanitising benefits it provides protecting human health and as a recognised safe cleansing agent. Ozone is…

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