Efficacy Test Data

Ozone Generator Installation: Sample Test Data – ‘Before’ and ‘After’



Airplus1 conducts on-going environmental tests with independent test laboratories to demonstrate the efficacy of the ozone technology products in eradicating bacteria, fungi, viruses and odours from client sites.

Site: Condominium Building, Florida, USA. Date: March 2015.
Conducted by: Advanced Industrial Hygiene Services, Inc, Florida
Test Laboratory: EMLab P& K Microbiology Services, Inc, Florida

Results of baseline and post-treatment trials applying ozone generator solution to reduce surface concentrations of fungal and environmental bacteria using sterile swabs:

“…Concentrations of fungi and bacteria decreased significantly from baseline concentrations after use of the Clean Chute System (Ozone Generation LLC)…Based one the test results, it can be concluded the system is highly effective in reducing surface concentrations of fungi and environmental bacteria…” (Advanced Industrial Hygiene Services, Inc, March 2015)

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