Sewage pump stations – odour problem eradicated.

In a unique demonstration of the efficacy of Airplus1 ozone technology to eradicate unwanted omnipresent odour emanating from a sewage pumping station in Russia, Airplus1’s sister company has achieved what was previously considered mission impossible. For many years, and detectable from a considerable distance surrounding the station, the stench was the bane of nearby residents, reducing property values and a deterrent to would-be buyers.

As part of an on-going test, the above ground stench of one of a number of pumping stations has been neutralised, including a far more sanitised work environment deep in the bowels of the pumping station itself.

There was a resigned acceptance that pretty much nothing could be done after a long period of trying various, expensive carbon filter ‘innovative’ solutions, without any long term improvement. Amazingly (for the incumbent workers), within 24 hours an immediate impact ‘odour free’ transformation was achieved, together with the sustained removal of any detectable lingering smells.

Airplus1 ozone generator ‘patented’ technology, improves the environment, the working conditions and positively impacts the asset value of local properties. The ongoing benefit is a sewage pumping station as a model example of how a waste water utility can function alongside urban habitats without complaints or discomfort. Airplus1 – cleaning urban environments for the benefit of all.


Disinfection of industrial air contaminant: Bio diesel rape oil conversion plant

Applied engineering ingenuity by Airplus1 finally resolved a long term environmental air contamination problem – with exceptional results. Plant owners can be sceptical in believing new solutions will work, particularly with increased pressure to ensure the plant is not shut down. Highly stressful situations that require trust between the senior management and the solution provider – Airplus1. Trust is earned by demonstrating an ability to get to the source of the problem. With environmental disinfection, Airplus1 has a track record in successfully installing ozone technology across a number of complex industrial problem sites.
An emissions ‘cage’ designed to retard and control air flow while optimising the sanitising benefits of powerful ozone generators was built. The results were astounding – much higher than expected by the owners and way beyond required environmental standards. The noxious smells were instantly disinfected and the numerous complaints threatening the livelihood of the plant immediately stopped. Now a ‘flagship example’ of how to responsibly manage industrial emissions within the plant group as well as demonstrating improved green credentials.


Recycling: Airplus1 helping to ensure Green credentials are matched with hygienic, sanitised results.

Positive Odour Removal – to reward positive recycling

A socially aware initiative that rewards recycling – deposit refund systems – exchanging your used beer bottles, tins and plastic bottles for a refund, has come up against a stench problem – until Airplus1 came along that is.

In a number of countries around Europe ( and elsewhere), we have witnessed the installation of what in Lithuania are called ‘Taromats’ and in Germany  ‘Tomra’ reverse vending machines, in self-contained kiosks, backed by container deposit legislation, that provides consumers with a refund on inserting appropriate brand container products.

A great success in many areas with huge return success rate, particularly in Germany. Only one problem, the huts, like mini Portakabins installed next to Supermarkets and in car parks have also become the source of numerous voluble public complaints. They stink. So much so that it’s a constant editorial in newspapers and on TV. The ‘incentivised’ visitor is reduced to a double-quick deposit, in order not to gag from the smell from the yeast bacteria from the beer bottles ( the biggest source), before dashing back out, while the unfortunate neighbours adjacent to the huts, continue their tirade of complaints, as the stench fills the air surrounding their properties.

So, what did Airplus1 do? In consultation with a number of supermarkets Airplus1 researched the background to this specific problem, precipitated ironically by the desire to promote good recycling practices, and why this had not been

Part of the problem is the fact that we as consumers may be motivated to recycle, for all the right reasons, and are in harmony with the added incentive of the refund. But, we are not so keen to rinse out the bottles in advance. And of course, the bacteria from the yeast in the beer especially in hotter months, inside an enclosed kiosk will soon produce a strong, tell-tale stench. Further analysis revealed it’s not for the want of cleaning the floors, with chemicals, sprays several times a day. But the smell persists. Because the bacteria persist in the environment, the beer remains having spilt inside the units on a daily basis, and accumulated over time producing a far more concentrated stench. And nowhere for the smell to go to – even when the door opens, it’s engrained in the machinery. Crushing the glass just adds to the spillage of residue liquid onto the floor and more stench.

Airplus1 have installed ozone generators, timed to operate by remote monitoring control during the hours in the kiosks are closed to the public and calibrated at safe levels for when the doors are open for the cleaning staff and consumers. And guess what. The stench has disappeared, but not only that – the bacteria and the smells associated with them, are kept at bay. So, no more disincentives to recycle the glass beer bottles and tins. And a happy neighbourhood, with no lingering stench pervading their residences. And the supermarkets win too. They are being seen to do something about the smell for improving customer relations as well as improving the habitat for the local residents.

Medical Centres & Hospitals

Numerous medical application possibilities to demonstrate the efficacy of ozone in environments with a high sanitisation priority.

No more skipped gym attendance or having to avoid the shower

Many gym users will be intimately aware of the lingering off-putting odour of a ‘stale gym changing room ‘ – a further example of Airplus1 technology applied for immediate lasting results.


Refrigeration Units

Ozone is extremely well-suited to preserving perishable food taken off shipping containers and removing the bacteria from portside refrigeration units.

Airplus1 has a number of patent pending ozone technology solutions that can be applied to numerous in-situ environments across leisure, medical, industrial, residential and commercial, as well as high volume public access sites.



Ozone Safety

Airplus1 conducts each installation with Health & Safety specialists as part of its client site audit. Safety is the number one priority for Airplus1 and ensure each client is fully aware of the controls governing the safe use of ozone and ozone technology solutions. Connect to this link for more information :

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