Russia, Moscow, Nagatinsky Zaton

“Mosvodokanal” sewage pumping station

As cities expand and become denser, residential, and public entertainment buildings become located in the immediate vicinity of sewage pumping stations. The unpleasant odours often emitted by pumping stations cause dissatisfaction to people living or visiting nearby places. Our ozonation technology for odour elimination in the wastewater pumping stations destroys pollutants at the point of their release. The installed ozonation system ozonates the exhaust air in the ventilation system. There polluted air mixes with ozone. Ozone oxidizes the odour molecules and thus the air coming out of this object becomes odourless and much cleaner. This not only improves the image of wastewater treatment companies, but also has a positive impact on the economic performance of the surrounding facilities or the value of the surrounding real estate.

Ozone production: up to 60 g/h