Airplus1 provides patent pending ozone technology solutions. The services are custom designed to combat challenging environments beset with pervasive, unpleasant odor problems. Ozone eradicates the underlying bacteria and viruses these environments foster, often as invisible and potentially dangerous sources of disease and infection. The Norovirus – a potential deadly contagious virus is effectively eradicated using ozone application.

Airplus1 ozone application industry sectors include:

  • Maritime and airport freezer storage facilities.
  • Refrigerators (industrial and private).
  • Food industry (sanitisation / preservation of meat, fish, milk, etc.)
  • Food and non-food material storage facilities
  • Storage facilities for production of raw materials and finished products
  • Healthcare facilities as prime disinfection environments
  • Fumigation of hotel rooms and public premises (odours from smoking, cooked food, etc..)
  • Gymnastics and swimming pool locker rooms
  • Public catering premises
  • Public and private restrooms
  • Smoking rooms.
  • Waste water pumping facilities and equipment (industrial and private)
  • Sewage treatment localisation space and ventilation systems
  • Household and industrial waste collection and storage facilities
  • Residential, industrial and commercial buildings ventilation systems
  • Public and freight transport and high volume public access environments
  • Shopping Centres and Retail space
  • Recycling and Hygiene: ‘Reverse Vending Machines’ (‘Taromats’ ‘Tomra’ )

How do Airplus1 ozone generator solutions operate?

Waste bin storage areas. garbage-1308138

Airplus1 technical specialists carry out an audit of each client site to assess odors, levels of bacteria, microbes, mold, methane gas and possible viruses. ‘Before and after’ lab tests may be carried out during an initial installation period (up to 21 days) to demonstrate the efficacy of the ozone generators installed.

An analysis of the site would be provided by an independent environment specialist, such as the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) or similar laboratory). By undertaking an assessment of pre-installation and post-treatment microbiological contaminants it is possible to indicate the achieved levels of microbiological reduction as a result of Airplus1 ozone technology treatment.

Depending on the client site conditions being assessed including clear evidence of bad odors from decomposing waste (many waste bin areas are never properly cleaned to eradicate bacteria and bad odors accumulated over long periods), Airplus1 will install 1-3 ozone generators, positioned for maximum efficacy. The levels of ozone emission are calibrated within statutory safe limits, not above 0.1 ppm (parts per million) in workplace areas.*

Airplus1 ozone generators ozone emissions are set between 0.03 and 0.08 ppm. Ozone Sensors control ozone emission levels from the generators and once the calibrated level of ozone is achieved (0.08ppm approx) the sensors automatically suspend the operation of the ozone generator. As the level of ozone in the client environment depletes (ozone molecules return to oxygen molecules (O2) very quickly) to levels of 0.02, the operation of the generators automatically resumes to the calibrated levels and the emission cycle continues once again.

Motion detection sensors are also installed to ensure the ozone generators are temporarily suspended if a worker/ member of the public enters the waste bin area. The ozone emissions will be configured on timers according to the nature and physical use of the location. For example, an area that is frequently accessed throughout the day may have the ozone generators set to operate during the hours when the building is closed to workers and least intrusive, or timed according to perceived ‘optimum levels’ of efficacy throughout the day.

Airplus1 ozone generator systems distribute ozone in a controlled, calibrated way, adjusted to the concentration required for maximum efficacy in each waste bin storage area or identified client problem site.

Why Airplus1 ozone technology application is the smartest option for waste bin storage areas:

  • Ozone is a natural oxidant that kills bacteria, destroys many viruses and eradicates bad odours
  • Unlike many chemical solutions and perfumed sprays that merely camouflage the problem, ozone kills the source of the bad smell – the underlying bacteria from decomposing food (usually) and other organic waste materials.
  • Ozone applied in a controlled way can be a more cost-effective solution in eradicating problems
  • Ozone is more user and environmentally friendly to workers and cleaning staff than harsh chemicals and leaves behind no residue
  • Remote monitoring controls ensures the installation and the target problem area is monitored and maintained for maximum efficacy constantly – ensuring problems are removed and do not return.

Airpus1 – Service Based Operation

Airplus1 ozone generator solutions are a ‘service-based’ ozone installation and advisory operation for the eradication of bacteria, viruses, methane gas, mould and bad odors and to improve and maintain a healthier environment. We do not sell or hire the ozone generators or sensors.

Airplus1 professionally service and maintain all equipment and monitor efficacy levels employing ‘remote monitoring controls.’ Depending on the facilities management requirements, Airplus1 may train in-house technical support staff to diagnose and remotely monitor the installations within their client site, providing back up support and maintenance as necessary.

* According to the recommendations of the UK Health & Safety Executive Agency and according to WHO (The World Health Organization) the amount of ozone should not exceed 0.1 ppm in an enclosed area in which a person can stay on the premises up to 8 hours without any damage to health.

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