Lithuania, Klaipėda

„Klaipedos vanduo“ wastewater treatment plant

Unpleasant odours from wastewater treatment plant have bothered the nearby residents of Klaipėda for a long time. Here is where we stepped in with ozonation odour control system. The gravity sludge compactors in the Klaipėda city wastewater treatment plant have been equipped with powerful ozone system after they were covered. Three tanks with a diameter of 12 m were covered with a special coating to control the odour emitted by the effluent in the tanks. Air is extracted from each covered gravity sludge compactor using ventilation system. Ozone is injected directly into each gravitational sludge compactor and into their exhaust ventilation points. Ozone, mixed with the polluted extracted air, oxidizes the odorous pollutants that are present there. Ozonated air is further purified in a biofilter. Ozone production equipment is installed in a separate modular house-container, next to covered gravity sludge compactors.

Total ozone production: up to 60 g / h

Design capacity of the wastewater treatment plant: 80 000 m3/d

Extracted and purified air volume: 3300 m3/h for each tank