AirPLUS1 is a team of motivated developers and committed suppliers of Smart Ozone Solutions. Established in the Great Britain, today we develop and manufacture ozonation systems in Lithuania.
We provide both – individually tailored engineering ozonation solutions projects and our already developed standard and intelligent ozone systems. Everything we do is for the complete control of unpleasant odours indoors and outdoors, for the reduction of bacterial and viral pollution in the air as well as in the water.
We are proud to be flexible, because we own the development of ozonation systems ourselves, so we are extremely ready for individual design solutions and can always look for the best value for money to solve your air or water pollution problems.

AirPLUS1 ozonation systems

AirPLUS1 smart ozonation technologies are fully autonomous and do not require additional attention from the staff. The operation of ozonation systems automatically depends on a set mode and ozone sensors that continuously measure the concentration of ozone in the air or in the water. Sensors perpetually transmit this data in real time to the ozone generator and in this way the system is automatically controlled using that data. What is even better, that the systems cam be controlled remotely anytime. All data about ozone system activity and ozone concentration is transmitted to the AirPLUS1 headquarters for additional monitoring and surveillance. Remote monitoring and management of ozonation system activity is available for our customers as well.

Ozonation? Is it about the ozone layer?

Have you ever smelled fresh air after a summer rain with thunder? If so, you have smelled nothing but OZONE.
Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring substance in our atmosphere. It is a gas, that is generated during an electrical discharge. Low levels of ozone are constantly present in the air that we breathe. Ozone is very similar to oxygen (O2), only instead of two oxygen molecules, ozone has three (O3). As a result, ozone has a very high degree of oxidation and is a very active molecule. Ozone can very quickly and strongly neutralize and disinfect. The best part is, that ozone leaves a pleasant odour of cleanliness and freshness.
And not, this ozonation is completely not related to ozone layer, only the fact that it is the same substance – ozone.

Ozone? What is he like?

Effective. Ozone is controversial to conventional chemical disinfectants and is up to three times more effective than alcohols, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide and more other popular chemical disinfectants, cleaner or fresheners.
Organic. Ozonation is the technology of the future. Ozonation, unlike the use of chemicals, leaves no trace in nature. If not all the ozone has been used in the oxidation processes, the leftovers of it breaks down into oxygen from which it was made in the first place.
Safe. With professionalism, intelligence, and sensory ozone concentration measurement technology, our ozonation systems are used safely, ensuring the efficiency of the ozonation system and the safety of employees or customers.