Disinfection of indoor air and surfaces

Local ozonation system. The work environment quality is highly important to everyone. Employees and employers strive to keep the premises as clean and safe as possible. Cleaning of small rooms from unpleasant odours, viruses and bacteria can be done by an intelligent ozonation system, which consists of an ozone generator and an ozone sensor. Such ozone system is designed to clean one room up to 70 m2, is safe and autonomous. The ozone sensor continuously measures ozone concentration in the ozonated room and transmits this data to the ozone generator in real time. The ozone generator automatically activates, produces ozone, and releases it into the room according to a given algorithm. The algorithm depends on the sensor’s data and senses whether there is proper concentration of ozone in the room or it is too low. If the set limit of ozone concentration is reached, the ozone generator waits for the next move without producing ozone. The operation of the indoor air and surface system shall be set so as not to exceed the hygiene standards.

Patalpu oro ir pavirsiu neutralizavimas ozonu

Centralized ozonation system. Mass indoor gathering places, big factories, offices, or public buildings are dangerous to the health of both employees and customers or visitors due to the increased number of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. The main difference between centralized ozonation system and a local one is that in this case, it is possible to ozonate more than one room at the same time. Ozone is inserted directly into the supply ventilation and together with air supply enters the rooms that needs cleaning. A huge advantage is that in such way, you can clean not only the premises, but also the ventilation system itself. Then cleaner air reaches the premises immediately and the microorganism cannot accumulate in the ventilation system. For safety and control reasons, ozone sensors are also installed in ozonated rooms. They help maintain safe ozone concentrations in the presence of workers or customers.

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