Efficacy Test Data


In-situ installation type: Sewage Treatment Plant

Industry sector: WWTP/Sewage

Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania

Airplus1 combined their ozone scientific, product and industrial engineering expertise to achieve a dramatic odor improvement inside two key areas of a sewage treatment plant, averaging 40 000m3/day in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The ozone technology installations greatly reduced the odor released into the environment to a negligible level, vastly improving the conditions for the neighbouring communities surrounding the plant in Klaipeda.

Sewage treatment plant ‘Dumpiai’ in Klaipeda, Lithuania
1. Mechanical treatment building
2. Thermal sludge drying building
Address: Dumpiai, Klaipeda district, Lithuania.

In-situ installation type: Waste bin storage area

Industry sector: Four star Hotel

Location: London, UK

An Airplus1 UK ozone technology installation was placed inside a waste bin storage area of a four star hotel in London. The waste bin is in constant use 24/7 in a hotel with evidence of odor and accumulated grime on the floor and walls adjacent to the waste bins. A low level ozone emission was set to operate during the early morning hours only, outside of main hotel staff access times. Independent laboratory  ‘before’ and ‘after’ tests were conducted by Latis Scientic over a six week period with conclusive results in bacteria and total viable count reduction. Hotel staff reported ” significant improvement to the smell, within two days of the installation.” And ” a much more pleasant environment to work in.”


In-situ installation type: Reverse vending machine

Industry sector: Recycling unit in supermarket grounds

Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania

Independent laboratory results from an ozone technology installation by UAB Airplus1 Lituanica inside a ‘reverse vending machine’ – an incentivised recycling unit positioned on the grounds of a supermarket, demonstrate conclusive evidence of the efficacy of the solution. Innovation in applied research has provided proof of concept that ozone technology with safety monitoring controls, eradicates bacteria, fungal growth and unpleasant odor and much more for users and workers benefit. Workers were “amazed at the contrast in the odor after the ozone technology installation.” The result is a more pleasant location to work in and for clients of the supermarket to continue the important job of recycling  waste bottles and tins without the discomfort of a noxious environment.


Ozone Generator Installation: Sample Test Data – ‘Before’ and ‘After’



Airplus1 conducts on-going environmental tests with independent test laboratories to demonstrate the efficacy of the ozone technology products in eradicating bacteria, fungi, viruses and odours from client sites.

Site: Condominium Building, Florida, USA. Date: March 2015.
Conducted by: Advanced Industrial Hygiene Services, Inc, Florida
Test Laboratory: EMLab P& K Microbiology Services, Inc, Florida

Results of baseline and post-treatment trials applying ozone generator solution to reduce surface concentrations of fungal and environmental bacteria using sterile swabs:

“…Concentrations of fungi and bacteria decreased significantly from baseline concentrations after use of the Clean Chute System (Ozone Generation LLC)…Based one the test results, it can be concluded the system is highly effective in reducing surface concentrations of fungi and environmental bacteria…” (Advanced Industrial Hygiene Services, Inc, March 2015)

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