Lithuania, Prienai

“Harmony Park” Recreation and SPA Complex

The water and sauna space of the 5 * hotel “Simboly” in the “Harmony Park” complex has become even more attractive for those, who are constantly looking for harmony in the healthiest possible environment. Airplus1 team installed an ozonation system in “Simboly” already existing swimming pool water disinfection system.

Ozone disinfection of water is an effective and safe method. Water ozonation allows the hotel to radically reduce the conventional chemicals used to disinfect to date. Most importantly, due to the minimal use of chemicals in the pool water, “Simboly” Hotel guests in the pool and whirlpool will now avoid many unpleasant sensations, such as eye, mucous membrane and skin irritation, persistent odor of hair and clothing and no long-term and negative effects of chlorinated products. health effects.

Ozone production: up to 90 g / h

Pool size: 500 m3