Food industry

Companies in the food industry, which supply vegetables, milk or meat must comply with particularly strict veterinary requirements. One of the biggest problems in this industry is bacterial contamination, which poses the same problem to all the food industry, only in different areas. It is very important for dairy and / or meat processors and the suppliers to keep extremely clean surfaces, equipment, containers, etc., For the suppliers of vegetables and fruits there is a challenge to keep their products fresh for as long as possible. The AIRPLUIS1 Lituanica authorized ozone disinfection system addresses these pollution issues in all the mentioned these areas.

Ozonated water. Surfaces that have direct contact with food products, used equipment, tools, containers, etc. can be disinfected using water ozonation systems. This is a particularly favourable solution for companies, which already use water for washing. In such case, smart ozonation systems are connected to existing water supply systems. Ozone in water rapidly bacterial contamination – up to 99,999 %. Also, washing vegetables or fruits with ozonated water prolongs their fresh life for the same reason – by reducing water contamination. Water ozonation systems are selected individually, according to the customer’s existing water supply system. All the solutions and implementation work is done by AIRPLUS1 Lituanica team.

Air ozonation. Ozonation of various food industry premises can be performed for air and general surface disinfection. For such disinfection, an intelligent, autonomous system is installed in air supply system or ozone is distributed through special diffusers. Ozonation system automatically disinfects the premises when there are no more employees. Also, ozonated fruits and vegetables storage rooms also keeps the products fresh for much longer.

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