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Municipal water company „Palangos vandenys“ sewage pumping station

Airplus1 unpleasant odour removal technology works in one of the wastewater pumping stations in Palanga. The spread of unpleasant odours in this resort town and one of its most beautiful sites has often hindered holidaymakers and residents. After installing a scavenging system into a wastewater pumping station’s ventilation system, unpleasant odours are destroyed before they reach the environment.


AB “Grigeo Klaipeda” drying room

In the corrugated cardboard raw material factory, a drying room for clothes and shoes was installed for the convenience of employees. In this room, the dried shoes and clothes caused discomfort to the employees – an unpleasant smell. The Airplus1 system, which is installed in the drying room, cleans the air, destroys unpleasant odours and reduces microbiological pollution.


Municipal enterprise „Visagino energija“ sewage pumping stations

The wastewater management infrastructure in Visaginas city was further improved by installing “Airplus1” autonomous unpleasant odour elimination system in two wastewater pumping stations (NS-1 and NS-3). With these systems, the air which is mixed with molecules causing unpleasant and is exhausted from stations gets cleaned before it enters the environment.

Ventilation redesigns were also carried out at the stations, including upgrading the ventilation ducts and exhaust ventilation fans to maximize system’s performance. The installed odour elimination systems at these wastewater pumping stations consists of an ozone generator, master and control ozone sensors and a final air purification reactor with catalytic filters.

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