Belarus, Brest

„Brestvodokanal“ sewage pumping stations

In the city of Brest, three sewage pumping stations now have odour removal systems. Our ozonation technology destroys pollutants at the point where they are released, making the air coming out of the wastewater related objects odourless and cleaner. This is one of the most effective methods to improve the environmental conditions of Brest’s urban air and the surrounding population’s perception to these wastewater treatments. These, like all our door removal systems, are monitored remotely. The online platform can monitor data displayed by ozone sensors, equipment performance and similar data.

Sewage pumping station No. 1 was equipped with an odour removal system that produces up to 20 g / h of ozone, supplementing the ventilation system accordingly. Sewage pumping stations No. 3 and No. 14 are equipped with odour removal systems that can generate up to 30 g/h per hour.