Lithuania, Vilnius

“Paupys” business house

New business house in Vilnius “Paupys” has environmentally friendly offices and commercial premises. The restaurant space on the ground floor of the centre is equipped with Airplus1 kitchen ozonation systems OTriKS.Kitchen. All kitchen hoods and the ducts that goes further in the restaurant area are safer and more practical because ozone oxidizes grease aerosols and prevents them from accumulating in the ventilation system and on its components. This improves fire protection and extends the service life of components. Also, ducts need to be cleaned less often. On top of all that, ozone removes kitchen odours that come out of kitchens into the environment and therefore do not disturb nearby people.

Ozone production: up to 90 g/h

Extracted and purified air volume: 40 000 m3/h