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Airplus1 technology

We are a manufacturer of disinfection and smart ozone solutions in Lithuania, established in the United Kingdom, by Ozone generation UK LLP. We carry out both the production and installation of systems and we apply a unique function – remote monitoring to ensure compliance with hygiene standards. The ozonation technologies we are developing are officially included in the Lithuanian list of authorized biocides. This means that ozone produced by UAB AIRPLUS1 Lituanica equipment is an official disinfectant.

We provide individually tailored engineering ozonation solutions and our already developed intelligent ozone systems for safe and effective disinfection, complete control of unpleasant odors indoors and outdoors and reduction of bacterial and viral contamination. We develop ozonation systems ourselves, so we are extremely flexible for individual design solutions and can always look for the best value for money to solve odor and pathogenic pollution problems with ozone in both AIR and WATER.

Authorised systems

Our ozonation devices for disinfection are the only devices authorised by the National Public Health Centre of Lithuania.

Automated systems

AirPLUS1 smart ozonation technologies are fully autonomous and do not require additional employee attention.


To become a leader in providing innovative and sustainable smart IoT ozonation solutions in local and international markets to customers who care about the sustainability and safety of operations.


To become a symbol of reliability worldwide, as a brand of smart IoT ozonation solutions whose products make the world a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable place.


We are professionals who listen to the problems and needs of the client, share our knowledge and experience, ensuring a result that exceeds the client’s expectations. We provide responsible solutions for employees, companies, partners, and the environment. We never make promises we cannot keep. We are dynamic and open to change, as well as taking the initiative to create new and advanced solutions for a safer, cleaner, and sustainable environment. Our employees continually improve their qualifications and knowledge, which allows us to develop new solutions based on science and technology.

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Dr. Davyd Urbanas


Dr. Davyd Urbanas

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