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A modern kitchen is a kitchen, which has additional fire protection and does not cause any unpleasant sensations to those live or walk nearby. Ozonation technology in commercial kitchens is used to clean the exhaust air stream from odours and reduce grease in the ventilation system. Ozone reduces the accumulation of grease in the exhaust / exhaust ducts by altering the chemical properties of the grease and preventing the accumulation of grease in the ducts. In addition, continuous and efficient treatment of the exhaust air flow not only reduces the cost of cleaning the ducts, but also allows efficient work of heat recovery through recuperation, as the kitchen exhaust system does not contaminate with grease. This way also reducing the restaurant’s operating costs in heating and duct cleaning. Therefore, problems with clogged kitchen ducts, which can cause a fire hazard, unpleasant odours outside, damage to ventilation equipment is no longer a threat.



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Kitchens/ ventilations


Kitchens/ ventilations

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Kitchens/ ventilations

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