„Monai“ restaurant

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Our systems used successfully in many Lithuanian and other European cities!

Restaurant “Monai” has been in the TOP 10 of the best Lithuanian restaurants for several years. Our smart ozone generation system has been installed in the exhaust ventilation of this restaurant’s kitchen. Ozonation systems clean the exhaust air stream and reduce the accumulation of grease in the kitchen’s ventilation system. Ozonation systems works by preventing the accumulation of grease in kitchen ventilation ducts, which increases the efficiency and durability of ventilation system components, filters. Reduced fat accumulation in ventilation systems provides better fire protection and reduces the spread of unwanted kitchen odours into the environment.

Ozone concentrations are continuously measured in the kitchen room air to ensure a safe working environment and to immediately detect system failures. The ozonation system starts when the ventilation system is switched on and ends automatically when the ventilation is switched off. For safety reasons, ozonation systems also have emergency shutdowns.

Exhaust air flow in the restaurant “Monai”: 3105 m3 / h

Ozone production: up to 10 g / h


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