Odour monitoring

Various unpleasant odours can be formed during physical, chemical, biological or microbiological processes in industrial, energy, municipal or agricultural areas. Unpleasant odours cause discomfort to residents, reduce the attractiveness of the area and not to mention, cause problems for the businesses, which are constantly receiving complaints and pressure from the public. The main gases with a low odour threshold, that mostly cause uncomfortable experiences are ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans.

Ozone systems are ready to effectively remove such gases or any similar kind ones. With smart ozonation, the air inside buildings or the air that is released into the environment becomes not only odourless but also cleaner and more friendly to the environment. Odour-causing molecules during ozonation are neutralized to odourless oxides and other harmless substances. The main advantage of ozone for such problems is that over any other air purification methods, it can effectively purify really large amounts of exhaust air and when cleaning indoor air, it affects the premises to their full volume and reaches every hidden corner.

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Odour monitoring

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