Telšių vandenys, UAB. Gedrimų village groundwater reservoir, 2020

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The levels of iron, ammonium, and manganese in the groundwater of the Gedrimai village reservoir exceeded permissible limits. Usually, these indicators can be improved successfully by the existing water treatment plants, however, after several months of operation, the equipment and the water supplied to consumers can start emitting an unacceptable smell (of sludge and mould). This may be due to the microorganisms present in the water and the organic material that is left behind. The methods used to eliminate the bad smell and taste, such as chlorination and the adjustment of the technological mode of filters, applied throughout the entire period of the operation, gave only a short-term effect.

During the replacement and upgrading of the equipment for water quality improvement, the Watermeister30 water ozonation device for eliminating the unacceptable taste and smell of the water was installed. Additionally, ozonation enabled the removal of greater quantities of other organics such as manganese, iron and other residues, as well as improved water disinfection, which increased the overall safety of the drinking water.

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