UAB „Aukstaitijos vandenys“

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Our systems used successfully in many Lithuanian and other European cities!

„Airplus1 Lituanica“ team has designed and installed a smart, autonomous odour elimination system at the sewage pumping station in Panevezys city. The location of this sewage pumping station is in the city centre of Panevezys, alongside kids’ playground and other city resident attractions along the banks of the Nevezis river. The unpleasant wastewater odour at the pumping station is eliminated in its exhaust ventilation. Ozone is supplied straight to exhaust ventilation ducts, where the polluted air with bad odour is eliminated by oxidation processes. Later, the air and ozone mixture enter the reactor, where ozone destroys airborne contaminants and unpleasant odours completely, even before they reach the environment.

Extracted and purified air: 1 500 m3/h

Ozone production: up to 30 g/h

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