UAB „VAATC“ leachate purification building

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Vilnius county landfill has a separate building for landfill leachate cleaning. The process of the purification is called reverse osmosis and it is additionally used to emit a lot of unpleasant odours to the surrounding residents and inside of the building itself, which made working conditions especially difficult. In this building, the ventilation system was redesigned by installing an odour collecting hood above one of the big odour sources into the premises – mixing tanks. The air that is collected continuously into the hood is connected to the general ventilation system. Ozone is supplied to this exhaust ventilation system. The air mixed with ozone is purified away due to the very strong oxidizing properties of ozone. After first stage of purification, ozone and air mixture enters the final air purification reactor located outside, where it is completely cleaned. Following which, clean and odourless air is released into the environment. This ozonation system is automatically controlled by an ozone sensor in the ventilation duct. To reduce unpleasant odours inside the room, a separate system with three ozone generators and a sensor is installed. It releases ozone directly into the room and thus destroys unpleasant odour molecules and regulates itself according to the data of ozone sensors. The entire system was designed and implemented by the Airplus1 team with the help of ventilation contractors.


Extracted and purified air volume: 5 000 m3/h

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