„Kauno vandenys” wastewater treatment plant

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This project is equipped with our patented ozonation odour control and removal system, which has helped to reduce the problem of unpleasant odours spreading to Kaunas city and has helped to improve working conditions in the company. The system was installed together with the reconstruction the ventilation system and the heating unit. Heated air is supplied to the ozone generators through newly installed ducts (13 pcs.). The produced ozone is mixed with fresh heated air and supplied to the places with the highest air-pollution – to the sewage chamber, screening room, sand trap and container room. Also, part of the produced ozone is injected to the building’s air extraction system. In rooms where employees are entering, the residual ozone concentration is continuously measured by ozone sensors. The data on ozone concentration is processed by the control unit processor and is used to regulate the operation of ozone generators so that the residual ozone concentration does not exceed the hygiene values. The customer can remotely monitor the data on ozone concentration and operation of the ozonation equipment in the SCADA system, as well as the readings of the H2S – hydrogen sulphide sensors located in the premises, the amount of exhaust air flow and some other parameters of the ventilation system.

Design capacity of the wastewater treatment plant: 71,000 m3/d

Ozone production: up to 150 g/h

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